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Next TV: Lots of TV Innovation, Not a Lot of Adoption

Consumer viewing in a multi-platform world is still, for many, linear.

“There’s a tremendous amount of innovation across the TV landscape…there’s not a lot of adopting,” said Eric Mathewson, founder and CEO of WideOrbit, Tuesday during the Transforming TV panel at Next TV Summit & Expo in San Francisco.

Mathewson was joined on stage by Ben Huang, VP of marketing, Ericsson TV Platforms; Bryon Schafer, VP, measurement & insight, Otter Media; Jeff Snow, head of video distributor partnerships, Google; and moderator and Next TV Editor Jeff Baumgartner.

Huang expanded on Mathewson’s point saying that many consumers are happy watching linear TV.

But that is not how many of the panelists consume content.

“I think from an experience perspective I find I’m working a lot harder,” said Huang, adding that he’s much more ADD in his viewing habits because he is part of the industry.

Even if consumers are slow to pick up multi-platform viewing, Mathewson said the industry is headed into an IP-based world.

“We’re trying very hard to make sure we can help our clients manage this transition,” he said.

For Huang, he said the transition is all about timing for many providers.

“Every provider realizes there is a change, but the response to that change varies,” said Huang.