NewTek Upgrades TriCaster 40

In an example of how lower cost production tools for live
streaming TV are seeing significant improvements, NewTek has launched the next-generation
of its entry-level TriCaster 40.

The new HD multicamera video production studio system offers
a number of features that were once limited to much more expensive productions,
the company notes, including customizable animated transitions, network-style
titles and graphics and improved file interoperability.

"Our next-generation TriCaster 40 gives the most
budget-conscious storytellers a whole new class of professional tools, which if
purchased individually, would each cost far more than the TriCaster 40 itself,"
said Dr. Andrew Cross, CTO at NewTek in a statement. "This means that financial
limitations no longer hamper creative storytelling. Anyone can use TriCaster 40
to turn a live event into a video production that rivals the pristine look of a
network broadcast."

Existing U.S. TriCaster 40 customers can purchase the
TriCaster 40 version 2 software immediately for the $995 manufacturer's
suggested retail price. Between now and July 12, 2013, TriCaster 40 systems can
be purchased for $4,995, with the option to upgrade to version 2 software for

Starting on July 12, all TriCaster 40 systems
will include the version 2 software and be priced at $5,995.