NewsProNet Launching HealthDay TV Online News Reports

Video news content provider NewsProNet is launching an online syndication of "HealthDay TV" video news reports Tuesday. The initiative will stream consumer stories to news organizations, healthcare providers, government agencies and web information portals, including more than 200 local broadcast and cable outlets.

"NewsProNet is proud to premiere HealthyDay TV as the first of our new digital initiatives, designed to provide online media publishers with timely, credible and concise topical video news reports," said NewsProNet President Kent J. Krizik.

The HealthyDay TV reports will explore medical discoveries, treatments, and trends presented by Dr. Cindy Haines, a family physician and chief medical officer of the HealthDay news service.

Content from the HealthDay news service appears on the Websites of more than 2000 hospitals and healthcare companies as well as more than 40 newspapers. The New York Times is HealthDay's print syndicator.

The online video initiative is the first in a launch of video news reports NewsProNet is co-producing with content providers in the fields of personal finance and consumer affairs.