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New York Interconnect Offers Interactive Ads

The New York Interconnect (NYI), a partnership between Cablevision Systems and Comcast Spotlight, is now able to offer interactive requests for information (RFI) to about 3.2 million digital subscribers in the DMA. The move is important because it is the first time that an interconnect with multiple MSOs has deployed the capability, which allows viewers request brochures, coupons and other Information by simply clicking their remote when an interactive ad appears.

"Commercial spots that run across the New York Interconnect are now offering viewers an opportunity to engage with a 30-second ad and request more information about products and services," said Ed Renicker, executive VP and general manager of NYI in a statement. "We have been providing our advertisers with this capability across Cablevision's service area for some time and have seen great success. Now that the Comcast systems are RFI-enabled, the New York Interconnect is able to provide its clients with the means to achieve a deeper connection with their target audience than the traditional 30-second TV spot." 

The request for information features appear at the bottom of 30 second commercial as an overlay and have the advantage of allowing the MSOs to directly document consumer interest in the product or brand.