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New Standard Helps MoCA 2.0, DOCSIS 3.1 Live in Harmony

The SCTE/ISBE and the Multimedia over Coax Alliance have issued a “standards operational practice” aimed at ensuring interoperability between MoCA 2.0 and DOCSIS 3.1, which can both live in frequencies above 1 GHz.

They said the work, under the label of SCTE 235 (Operational Practice for the Coexistence of DOCSIS 3.1 Signals and MoCA Signals in the Home Environment), addresses the need to prevent degradation or failure of signals due to shared spectrum above 1 GHz.

The issue arises as MSOs look to use RF spectrum above 1.2 GHz for downstream DOCSIS 3.1 capacity, creating shared frequency zones and setting up potential conflicts with MoCA and D3.1 in the 1125-1675 MHz range.

Cable operators and other types of MVPDs have used MoCA for whole-home DVRs and other in-home content distribution applications. DOCSIS 3.1 is a next-gen access spec for HFC networks that enables multi-gigabit speeds.

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