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New Generation Of Kids Are Big Media Consumers: Nickelodeon Study

Post-Millennial generation kids are big consumers of media, according to a new study by Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon found that media consumption among kids born since 2005 has grown over the past four year to about 35 hours per week, an increase of 2.2 hours since 2009.

Despite the many alternative devices available to kids today, TV usage is 12% higher than nine years ago. Computer and game consoles account for 27% of kids' daily media consumption. Tablets still represent a relatively small portion of media usage at 8%

Gaming is the top activity on devices, with 96% of kids saying they use their computers for gaming, 88% saying they use their tablet for gaming and 86% say they do it on their smart phone.

Three-quarters of the kids says they watch short form video on tablets and smart phones. Half say they watch long-form content on these devices, up 23% from last year.

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