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New FishBowl Series Targets Hispanics

FishBowl Worldwide Media is launching a Spanish-language extension of the studio's successful YouTube series CuteWinFail called LindoVictoriaFracaso that will go live on June 4.

The launch of the show comes at a time when a growing body of research suggests that Hispanics are avid online and mobile viewers of video. A recent survey by Horowitz Associates found that 38% of all Hispanics watched over-the-top video at least once a week, much more than the 29% of non-Hispanic whites who reported watching over-the-top video weekly and that Hispanics also had higher rates of watching online and mobile video than the general population.

"By leveraging Jose Romero's huge fan base, we are reaching the very important and underserved 30 million U.S. Hispanics who are particularly active online and are increasingly embracing online video," noted David Beebe, VP and general manager of FishBowl's Digital Studio.

Jose Romero, who is Peru's most subscribed and viewed YouTube host, will host, write and produce the first 22 episodes of series. Romero's latest YouTube show, What Da Faq, garnered over 90 million views.

The series will be based on CuteWinFail, which is ranked in the YouTube Comedy Channel Top 20 with more than 90 million views. It allows users to select which of three user-generated content (UGC) videos are cute (lindo), which one wins (victoria) and which one is just a giant fail (fracaso).

Episodes of LindoVictoriaFracaso will be available here.