New 3D Graphics for 3net

In a refresh of its on-air look and feel, the 24 hour 3D network 3net is planning to launch a new graphics package on Nov. 4.

The new package, which is comprised of over 60 elements, was designed, created, composited and delivered by Steele Studios. The new graphics package includes main logo opens, IDs, promotional and sponsored elements, interstitials, promo opens and closes, and many other transitional and supplemental elements.

Jerry Steele, co-founder of Steele Studios and the stereographer on the new graphics package for 3net, noted that creating stereoscopic 3D graphics poses a number of challenges.

"We had to figure out a way to deliver interesting graphics which, when edited together, didn't represent distracting convergence shifts, which can lead to audience eyestrain," he explained in a statement. "You have to be able to plan how to go from one extreme to another to engage viewers in 3D, without visually confusing them. Additionally, the graphics had to be consistent and represent a norm that all the content around them could work with."

"For these new graphics, we wanted to create really dynamic shapes that exaggerate depth, but at the same time, we were limited to a minimal S3D depth and inter-axial distance," he added. "The way we could do this was to use really wide-angle lenses and shoot objects which we'd move only a few nanometers at a time. We had crazy big lenses, giving us massive distortions, which allowed us to exaggerate depth and to 'stage' this 3D space appropriately."

Steele Studios had worked with 3net, which is a joint venture between Sony, Discovery and IMAX, in the run-up to the original launch in February 2011.

In addition to its work for 3net, Steele Studios also worked on a 3D video featuring Latin pop star Shakira for the opening ceremony of the World Cup soccer competition and as online editor for Avril Lavigne's hit stereoscopic 3D music video "What the Hell."

For those projects and the 3net refresh, Steele used the Quantel Pablo 4K with Stereo 3D.

"3D is definitely the next big thing in TV," noted Jo Steele, cofounder and executive producer on the 3net graphics package in a statement.

While "many of our competitors are on the fence about 3D -- some think it's a fad and won't adopt the new technology until it has proven itself, industry-wide," she added that Steele Studios saw a huge opportunity in this area.

"It [stereoscopic 3D] will inspire the arrival of many new channels, and will also revolutionize the gaming industry," she argued.