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Neustar Completes Digital Locker for UltraViolet

Neustar Media this week turned over the final version of the digital rights management system developed for the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem consortium, paving the way for a consumer launch of the group's UltraViolet cross-platform video service later in 2011.

UltraViolet is designed to let someone buy a piece of digital media once and then download or stream it to different devices after logging into an account. The Neustar Media Cloud Service handles account management, authentication, device management and digital rights management for UltraViolet.

"We'll be in a position as soon as Aug. 1 to go out to consumers, but safe to say by Q4 we'll be ready for a consumer launch," Tim Dodd, Neustar Media vice president and general manager, said.

DECE's members include five of the six major Hollywood studios -- Fox Entertainment Group, Warner Bros. Entertainment, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment -- along with such cable-industry players as Comcast, Cox Communications, CableLabs, Motorola and Cisco Systems. Others include Netflix, Best Buy, IBM, Microsoft, Panasonic and Toshiba.

Two noteworthy players not participating in DECE are Apple and Walt Disney Co.