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Nets Eye Integrated Trafficking Systems

When the MLB Network was building its facilities two years ago, the fledgling channel talked to all the major trafficking and billing providers but ultimately settled on Broadway Systems, in part because it offered an integrated software solution for all of MLB’s traffi cking, billing and content management needs.

“It was a user-friendly system, and was the only one we saw that had both sales and programming integrated into it,” notes Patti Fallick, director of broadcast operations at the MLB Network. “It was one-stop shopping.”

Since then, other cable networks have been looking for similar integration, notes Fallick, who says she has been contacted by executives from at least two channels who were interested in MLB’s system.

Last month, TV One deployed Broadway Systems’ ad software platform to manage program scheduling, ad sales and traffic and billing. John Sorensen, president of Broadway Systems, notes that other clients now include Fox News, Home & Garden TV and the Food Network, and that they handle about $2 billion in ad deals each year.

The popularity of integrated solutions also encouraged some industry consolidation in recent months, with WideOrbit acquiring VCI Solutions to strengthen its position in the cable business. But Sorensen still feels Broadway has a competitive advantage because its solution is exclusively targeted to cable programmers, and they offer everything in one software platform.

“Two companies will often marry themselves together to provide a solution, but we offer a true end-to-end system,” Sorensen says.