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Netflix: Denmark Delivers the Best Video Streams

Netflix on Monday issued its ISP Speed Index for the month of August with a new twist – historical country averages.

Among the countries where Netflix measures ISPs, Denmark was tops in August, delivering average Netflix streams of 2.64 Mbps. Finland followed with 2.57 Mbps, trailed by Sweden (2.5 Mbps), the U.K. (2.4 Mbps), and Norway (2.38 Mbps).

The rest of the countries measured were below the 2 Mbps threshold: The U.S. (1.98 Mbps), Ireland (1.2 Mbps), and Mexico (1.71 Mbps.). Netflix’s newly expanded view shows monthly country averages going back to November 2012. Canada, the first country outside the U.S. to launch Netflix, is not factored into the current Netflix rankings. Variety reported Sunday that Netflix will launch service in the Netherlands on September 11, just ahead of the IBC Conference in Amsterdam.

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