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Netflix Adds Dolby Surround Sound

another example of how online video providers are working to improve
the quality of the content they deliver and strengthen their competitive
position versus multichannel providers, Netflix has partnered with
Dolby and Sony to provide users of the PlayStation 3 devices with Dolby
5.1-channel surround sound for high definition movies and TV shows
streamed over the internet from Netflix.

The streams to PS3 players with improved audio will start on October 18th,
making the gaming console the first device to get Netflix content with
Dolby surround sound. Netflix is planning to make surround sound
available to other devices in the future.

is committed to delivering an unparalleled experience to its members
who watch TV shows and movies streamed instantly over the internet,"
said Greg Peters, Netflix vice president of product development in a
statement. "Netflix required an audio solution that could efficiently
deliver an outstanding surround sound experience for a wide range of
consumer devices. Dolby Digital Plus proved to be the best solution to
meet our needs and then needs of our device partners."