Net2TV's Portico TV Service Launches on Toshiba, Sharp Devices

Net2TV has announced that it has cut deals to make its free, ad-supported Portico TV service available to users of select Toshiba and Sharp devices.

As part of the agreements, users of Toshiba America Information Systems' Digital Products Division's laptops and tablets will be able to access Portico TV at Toshiba's Start 360º launch page.

The launch marks the first expansion of the Net2TV's Portico TV app beyond smart TV platforms to portable devices.

Separately, the company also announced today that the service would be available on Sharp's SmartCentral smart TV platform.

The Portico TV service was launched in December 2012 on select Philips Smart TVs and with the recent announcements is now available on Roku-connected TVs, Toshiba laptops and notebooks and a variety of smart TVs.

Run by industry veterans from MTV/Nickelodeon, Black Arrow, NBC, TiVo and Netflix, Net2TV works with established media content suppliers like Bonnier's Popular Science, and newer online producers like Newsy and Celeb TV packages. It packages that content into full 30-, 60-, or 90-minute free, advertising-supported television programming in such special-interest areas as food, news, technology, entertainment and independent film.