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Net2TV’s Portico TV Streams to Opera TV

Net2TV Corporation and Opera Software have announced that they’ve reached an agreement to make the Net2TV’s Portico TV lineup of shows available for streaming at the Opera TV store.

The store is available on Sony, Samsung, Hisense, RCA and TiVo devices.

Shows in the Net2TV’s Portico TV service are now available for streaming on Son, Hisense, RCA and TiVo devices. Later this summer they will launch on Samsung Blu-Ray players and will be available on a total of about 430 models of TVs and steaming devices.

The shows include free full length content from Time, Popular Science, Better Homes and Garden and Cooking Light.

Tom Morgan, founder and CEO of Net2TV Corp noted in a statement that “this partnership with Opera Software fits in with our goal of helping our partners expand their streaming TV audience, while also helping viewers find streaming programming they want from brands they know and love.”