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NEP Deploys New Monitoring, Support System

NEP Broadcasting has deployed a new product called nsite
that will provide its clients and facilities with an automatic system
for monitoring and supporting broadcasting facilities. “In the world of
life TV, there are a multitude of things that can happen at any moment
that might jeopardize a broadcast,” noted NEP CEO Debbie Honkus in a
statement. “nsite is our response, it is our security system.”

an automatic remote connection, the system collects data about every
aspect of a broadcast facility, from temperature and climate control,
to power as well as the performance of individual pieces of equipment,
graphical user interfaces and PCs. As soon as the facility has power
and an internet connection is established, nsite begins sending
data back to the NEP headquarters, where it is monitored, stored and
analyzed. If a problem occurs, the system allows experts around the
world to diagnose to fix the problem.

The nsite
system “started with the desire to enhance support at our remote and
studio broadcasting facilities beyond the engineers on-site, so that
when problems occur they have the full support of NEP at their disposal
in an instant,” explained Jeff Joslin, chief engineer and nsite architect
at NEP in a statement. “This system goes way beyond traditional VPN or
remote access system. All of those systems operate under a just-in-time
model, but nsite is automatic and entirely proactive,” using a wide array of data to anticipate problems and prevent future issues.

NEP has already equipped three facilities with the system and is planning to deploy it company-wide over time.