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NEP Adds Two HD Trucks

NEP Broadcasting has added two new HD trucks to its fleet, the ND5, which is targeted to the sport and light entertainment markets, and the new Arizona vehicle, which was designed for the entertainment industry. The two new trucks increase the company's fleet to 47 production trucks worldwide.

"Both Arizona and ND5 build on our thirty years of experience designing mobile television production facilities," noted NEP CTO George Hoover in a statement. "They each utilize innovative design features pioneered by NEP, including a new lightweight power system in ND5 and full 16 channel embedded audio support in Arizona."

ND5 debuted on Sunday, Feb. 19, with NBC's Hockey Day in America. Arizona's first assignment will be in support of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Oscar telecast.

The two new trucks are the first in a series of vehicles NEP is planning to deploy this year. Later this year, NEP is planning to add the ND6 to its Supershooters fleet.

In 2012, NEP is also planning to roll out a new entertainment truck, Entourage, in the Sweetwater fleet and to add an HD truck to NEP's UK fleet.

ND5 is a one-truck unit that was designed for NEP's Supershooters fleet. Targeted to such uses as sports and light entertainment, it has a large, three-tier control room and is equipped with a Grass Valley Kalypso switcher, Sony cameras, an Calrec Artemis Beam audio console with MADI and Hydra, and virtual monitor walls.

Arizona is the latest truck in NEP's Denali fleet and was designed specifically for the entertainment industry, particularly multi-camera reality and light entertainment productions. The single truck unit has a two-tier control room and an audio room with seating for three. Equipment includes a Grass Valley Kalypso switcher, Sony cameras, a Calrec Alpha audio console with MADI and Hydra, wiring for 20 tape machines and two EVS servers, and virtual monitor walls.

Both trucks were built-in house at NEP's integration facility.