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NECN Chooses Volicon for Monitoring

NECN, a regional cable network serving viewers in six New England
States, has selected Volicon Observer Enterprise to provide automatic
24/7 video monitoring and recording for its two high definition

"The Observer Enterprise is a huge improvement over our
previous videotape-based workflow for recording our air product, which
was inefficient and costly," noted Greg M. Roehr, chief engineer, NECN
in a statement. "Compared to the time it once took to create off-air
dubs for different personnel who then had to search through the tapes to
find the materials they needed, we've estimated that we are saving up
to three person days a month."

Roehr also noted that the more
efficient workflow is now allowing staff to develop new ways to use
their videos, "projects that would have been too time-consuming with the
old system."

Installing the new system was "an integral part of a
larger upgrade project that we have recently completed to migrate to a
wide-screen format," Roehr added.