NDS, TNS Can Track Individual TV Viewers

NDS and TNS Media Research have enhanced their joint TV-audience measurement offering by adding the ability to identify individual viewers-and track their viewing habits-in homes that have agreed to participate in a measurement panel.

The RPDi solution, based on NDS's Dynamic audience measurement system and TNS's RaPiDView analysis service, is designed to help TV operators better understand audience behavior by collecting and analyzing data about individual viewers as well as information at the household level.

The viewer-tracking application prompts viewers to identify themselves by their first name, using their remote control, and lets users add any additional guests watching TV alongside them. The service only measures audience viewing in those homes that have agreed to participate through an opt-in process.

"Operators are turning to [set-top box] measurement because it allows them to truly understand the behavior of their subscribers, providing rich data not available from traditional measurement methods," Gideon Gilboa, NDS senior product marketing manager for advertising solutions, said in a statement. "To date this has mostly been reported on a household level but with RPDi customers can have the best of both worlds: rich STB data and strong individual level reporting to improve their business decisions and advertising sales."

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