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NCTA Pulls Tornado Spot

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association
confirmed that it pulled a promotional spot on Monday for the industry that was
too close to the Oklahoma disaster for comfort. The spot will remain on the
shelf for the time being.

The move was first reported by Amy MacLean of CableFax.

The TV ad -- part of
its Cable Connects Us campaign -- features a little girl who learns about a
tornado on cable, follows it online and gets together with her friends to
promote tornado relief.

"We didn't want to appear insensitive since
the theme and video included in the spot is eerily similar to the disaster that
was unfolding on national TV," said NCTA spokesman Brian Dietz. "We
started pulling the spot off the air on Monday evening and haven't decided when
it may return," he said

NCTA pulled it off its website as well..