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NCTA: Internet 'Slowdown' Protest Is PR Stunt

Add the National Cable & Telecommunications Association to the list of those blogging responses to the Internet Slowdown protest Wednesday.

In a post on its public policy blog — no byline — NCTA said it agreed that the Internet is in jeopardy, but from the Title II reclassification many in the Internet Slowdown protest are advocating.

"It’s unfortunate, but not surprising, that the debate over how to enact reasonable net neutrality protections for consumers has come to this – a PR stunt called Internet Slowdown Day to suggest how ISPs are going to ruin the consumer Internet experience. Of course, this isn’t true," said NCTA, echoing a blog post by NCTA's largest member, Comcast, to the same point.

Comcast pointed to the investment it and others have made in broadband, asking what sense it would make for ISPs to do anything to jeopardize that investment.

"Internet Slowdown Day is sure to make a splash," NCTA conceded. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) for one, sent out a note that he had joined the protest and included a symbolic "loading icon on his site."

"It’ll drive a lot of attention to Net Neutrality, Title II regulation, and the role of ISPs in America’s broadband future," Comcast continued. "Before buying into the hype, ask yourself: Does this make sense? Would an industry that has invested over $200 billion into creating one of the largest, fastest, most comprehensive broadband networks on earth, really be trying to 'destroy the Internet?'”