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NCTA: Broadband Report 'Dispels' Speed Gap

The FCC's just-released Measuring Broadband America report "confirms that cable operators are delivering world-class services," said NCTA EVP James Assey in a blog posting Tuesday.

That followed the report's findings that during peak times, cable operators are delivering 93% of advertised download speeds and 108% of advertised upload speeds.

That was in contrast to an FCC report of two years ago and the finding in its National Broadband Plan of a speed gap.

"To the extent the National Broadband Plan suggested there might be a significant gap between actual and advertised speeds, the report dispels those concerns and makes clear that 'actual download speeds are substantially closer to advertised speeds' than was asserted previously," wrote Assey.

Assey said that more analysis of the data was needed, pointing out that the study was over a single month (March 2011), only covered wireline providers.