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NBCU Pumping Up Olympics for Affiliates

NBC Universal unveiled a comprehensive Olympic Games advertising campaign for its affiliates Wednesday.

With the 2008 Beijing Games set to begin Aug. 8 (8/8/2008), the company is looking to maximize its presence in local markets. Ad spots featuring local athletes will be made available to affiliates to drive interest in the games.

NBCU is launching a free-video-on-demand (FOD) campaign with clips and profiles leading up to the games and highlights during the games. FOD content will also be available for broadband.

NBCU is planning to stream some 2,000 hours of live content on broadband. Placement will be available on affiliates' sites.

Its interactive-TV campaign includes real-time news and features, a medal tracker, TV listings, simulcasts and highlights, as well as a push to get subscribers to upgrade their digital services in advance of the games.

“We have built our marketing strategy around our affiliates and their customers, who now want access to the Olympic Games in real time and on demand on their TVs, wireless devices and on the Internet,” said Brian Hunt, senior vice president of marketing and sales strategy, TV-networks distribution for NBCU, in a statement. “The Olympic Games serve as a terrific driver for NBCU’s advanced services, and we’re committed to delivering an effective multiplatform campaign strategy to our valued distribution partners.”

For an example of one of the ad spots featuring local athletes, click here.