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NBCU: Nielsen’s Total Content Ratings Not Ready

NBCUniversal has asked Nielsen to delay its planned launch of its Total Content Ratings product, calling it incomplete and inconsistent in its current form.

In a letter to Nielsen sent earlier this week, Linda Yaccarino, chairman of advertising sales and client partnerships at NBCU, said the entire industry wants a system that counts all viewing with accuracy and transparency.

“TCR is far from meeting these requirements, and its premature syndicated release is irresponsible," Yaccarino said. "We are eager to collaborate with Nielsen and other industry participants to improve TCR and determine a reasonable, appropriate launch timeline. Some say, ‘something is better than nothing.’ We disagree. Bad, inaccurate and misleading data is far worse than no data at all."

TV networks have seen their ratings decline in recent years, partly because more viewers are watching content on digital devices and that viewing is not included in the ratings currently used to buy and sell advertising.