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NBCU Drops Out of Google's TV Ads Service

NBC Universal is no longer selling any advertising for its cable
networks through Google's TV Ads service, ending a two-year partnership
with the Internet giant.

The companies originally announced their
revenue-sharing agreement in September 2008, marking Google's first
ad-brokering deal for TV networks. In what the companies had
characterized as a test, Google had the rights to sell an unspecified amount of national advertising inventory on Syfy, Oxygen, MSNBC, CNBC, Sleuth and Chiller.

not currently contributing inventory into the Google marketplace, but
we continue to work with Google on multiple projects involving advanced
advertising," NBCU spokeswoman Liz Fischer said in a statement.

Piesanen, director of strategic partner development for Google TV Ads,
said in a statement: "While we are no longer offering NBC Universal
inventory through Google TV Ads, NBC Universal continues to be a great
partner to Google. Both NBC and Google are committed to bringing more
relevance to TV viewership and advertising. CNBC is an important partner
in the launch of Google TV and we are working together on research

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