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NBC Taking iCue To Facebook

Its news, its an online game, its an ad vehicle. It's all those things as NBC works to drill down to where the viewers and ad consumers live.

NBC News said Thursday it is launching trivia game, “What's your iCue,” as an application on Facebook. It was developed by the educational arm of NBC news, NBC Learn, that created, the social network for students geared to NBC News content.

NBC will tap its news archives to test surfers’ current affairs IQ, with Lexus along for the ride as the exclusive ad partner.

Media companies and advertisers are increasingly using social networks to reach media consumers where they live, which for many is online.

The application is a video incorporating NBC News archival clips, as well as questions on current events and "iconic" stories. Scores are based on how rapidly answers are given, set against a 30-second clock.

NBC will also make full-length news videos available via a "flipable" Cue Card player. Facebook members are encouraged to play each other and set up teams.