NBC Sports Selects SMT for Tour de France

NBC Sports is using a variety of technologies from SMT to offer improved graphics features for its coverage of the 2013 Tour de France between June 29th and July 21.

The products include the ISO Track System, which allows broadcasters to track riders with an onscreen pointer feature and interface names, rankings and headshots, allowing viewers to follow the cyclists.

It will also use a live race crawl, or ticker features, from SMT. That system will provide a wide range of information and statistics on stage winners, the standings of American participants and other notable riders, Jersey standings and tracking information on peloton, leaders and other groups
showing the distance still remaining and times.

Other notable graphic and interactive features from SMT include technologies for lower-third graphics with riders' names and other race statistics; leaderboard graphics; race stage profiles showing the layout of the current stage and tracking the progression of the riders; a production telestrator; a Twitter interface; and onscreen clocks and time trial graphics.