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NBC Selects Extreme Reach for Promo Delivery

NBC has selected Extreme Reach, a provider of video advertising management and distribution solutions, to deliver promotional spots from NBC's production centers in New York City and Burbank, Calif., to network affiliates across the country.

With the new solution, which NBC has dubbed "CliC" (Connect, Locate, Integrate, Communicate), Extreme Reach digitally delivers dozens of individual NBC promos to the network's affiliates each day. The solution uses a cloud-based computing platform that helps automate and streamline the delivery process creating what the companies estimate will "provide millions of dollars of value to the network and save NBC affiliates hours of labor each week."

The new system also significantly speeds up the delivery process of aggregating and delivering daily promotional spots by multiple satellite feeds for NBC entertainment, news and sports programming to network affiliates, which in the past had resulted in significant time lags before the promos could be aired.

The new system launched in mid-June and currently more than 100 NBC affiliates across the U.S. have already upgraded from their satellite-based promo delivery model to the Extreme Reach cloud-based solution.

Additional affiliates are upgrading regularly and NBC plans to completely phase out satellite-based distribution of daily short-form promos by the early part of 2012.

All NBC promotional spots are produced and distributed in high definition and the Extreme Reach system delivers HD files in customized formats directly to NBC affiliates.

"We pride ourselves on having the best network-affiliate partnership and a big part of our job is to provide NBC entertainment, news and sports promotional assets to our 234 stations to help support network programming," noted Scot Chastain, senior VP of affiliate marketing and development, NBC, in a statement. "We have been working on a clean and turnkey digital spot delivery solution for several years and now we can seamlessly deliver them to our stations within minutes of their completion. The final link in the process is our new relationship with Extreme Reach that has given us the ability to expedite the endpoint delivery, making it easy for stations to access NBC promos, integrate them into their playback system and ultimately, help increase awareness and viewership for our programming."