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NBC, Hulu Help Out Common Sense Media

NBCU and Hulu have teamed with Common Sense Media
partners Comcast, Cox and Time Warner in donating airtime to a $40 million ad
campaign, Power to the Parent, encouraging parents to take a larger role in
their kids' media choices, according to the organization, one of whose founding
board members is FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

The group has created three TV spots. Also running the spots are
Common Sense partners DirecTV, Yahoo! and Facebook.

Common Sense says the message is that while the media world has
changed--kids spend 7.5 hours a day with media according to a Kaiser study
cited by the group--parenting hasn't. "Parents can and should still be the
primary influence in their kids lives and teach them to make smart, safe media
choices. The ads drive interested parents to a special section of our site and
encourages parents to find the resources they need."

Common Sense partners integrate the group's ratings and
recommendations into their on demand or online programming. For example,
Comcast carries Common Sense parenting tips On Demand and posts its movie
reviews and links to other reviews at

Common Sense primarily advocates for parental control over
government control of content, saying that the price of a free media is "a
little extra homework for the parents."