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NATPE Expands Content Focus to Embrace Global Ecosystem Role of MVPDs

NATPE is launching a broad new initiative to embrace the MVPD ecosystem, which will continue throughout 2021 and beyond. In addition to forming a soon to be named MVPD committee and conducting special MVPD-focused keynotes and sessions during the NATPE Virtual Miami conference on Jan. 19-21, there is a kickoff event planned for Dec. 15.

“Content Distribution on a Global Scale: MVPDs and the Worldwide Content Market” will take a look at where "the industry's global MVPD content sector is going." Moderated by Horowitz Research president Howard Horowitz, the session will feature comments and insights from Verizon Consumer Group chief content officer Erin McPherson, Liberty Latin America VP chief programming officer Stephane David, and Virgin Media, Liberty Global head of programming, David Bouchier.

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“Our goal at NATPE is to continue to advance the content conversation," NATPE CEO and president JP Bommel said in a statement. "While evolving rapidly, the relationship between content producers, rights-holders, and networks with MVPD buyers is more important today than ever. MVPDs remain a key conduit for delivering content to homes and screens everywhere.”

Chair of the NATPE MVPD committee and COO of TV5MONDE USA Patrice Courtaban

Chair of the NATPE MVPD committee and COO of TV5MONDE USA Patrice Courtaban (Image credit: TV5MONDE)

NATPE MVPD committee and COO of TV5 USA Patrice Courtaban added: “TV5MONDE is pleased to support NATPE in launching this new MVPD initiative and hosting this exciting first event. With the executives in charge of content acquisition for three global MVPDs, Erin, Stephanie and David, fielding Howard’s probing questions, I anticipate a very lively and informative discussion that provides a wide range of strategic insights.”