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NATPE and CEA Commission Second Screen Study

NATPE and the Consumer Electronics Association jointly authorized a two-part study to examine second screen usage, the organizations announced in a joint statement on Tuesday.

The project will take an in-depth look at how and why consumers utilize devices to enhance video content and in turn how that consumer second screen usage affects program creators.

Results of the third-party conducted study will be announced in January at the 2014 International CES and NATPE Miami.

"This research marks the intersection between the technology being showcased at CES and the content being celebrated at NATPE," said Rod Perth, NATPE president and CEO. "It's a great opportunity for both the technology and creative communities to gain valuable insight about the changes in the media landscape and harness the potential of Second Screen from both sides of the equation. It also marks the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship between NATPE and CEA."

"Once again, consumer electronics technologies are disrupting the traditional ways consumers view and engage with their favorite television programs," added Gary Shapiro, CEA president and CEO. "We are excited to partner with NATPE to help our members better understand this phenomenon so they can increase revenues, find new market opportunities and provide innovative solutions to consumers."

The study, which will be conducted by E-Poll Market Research, is split into two phases. During the first part of research, TV program viewers will be quantitatively analyzed regarding their Second Screen use of electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. The second phase will qualitatively assess how these devices affect TV program producers and programmers.

Findings for the first prong will be presented during a CES session between Jan. 7-10. Second prong results will be discussed during NATPE Miami, which takes place Jan. 27-29.