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Nat Geo Helps Paramount Network Promote ‘Yellowstone’ Series

As part of the promotional effort for its new series Yellowstone, set on a huge ranch bordering on the famed national park, Paramount Network turned to the nature lovers at National Geographic.

Yellowstone will be featured in a social media campaign highlighted by story takeovers on the National Geographic’s Hero and National Geographic’s Travel Instagram accounts.

The stories will feature images by renowned nature photographer David Guttenfelder, who was embedded on the Yellowstone set in Montana, capturing photos of the product, the scenery and of star Kevin Costner. Guttenfelder himself has 1 million followers on Instagram

The big idea, according to Anhelo Reyes, senior VP for consumer marketing at Paramount Network, was to tap into National Geographic's big audience of people who love the outdoors and nature because Yellowstone feels like one of the characters in the series.

“We worked with National Geographic to identify a photographer that has a unique perspective on the West,” Reyes said. Guttenfelder “spent some time on the set, taking photos as well as video, of the landscape, the life of ranching, as well as some of our talent, specifically Kevin Costner.”

A combination of the content created by Guttenfelder and Paramount will appear on Nat Geo’s accounts on Instagram, where Nat Geo Hero is the most-followed brand with 86 million followers.

“We continuously challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of how we create interesting and engaging stories for our partners” said Mike Wiese, senior VP of branded content at Nat Geo. “We’re excited to work with Paramount on a multi-platform partnership to bring the story of Yellowstone to life through the lens of National Geographic photographer David Guttenfelder whose photos showcase this iconic landscape.”

The series, premiering Wednesday (June 20) is about John Dutton, played by Costner, who owns Yellowstone Ranch, the largest ranch in the U.S., bordering on the National Park. The ranch is in constant conflict with its neighbors, including an expanding town and Indian reservation.