NAB: yap.TV Offer New Sync-to-TV Capabilities

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Social TV and second screen applications provider yap.TV has launched yap.TV Live Pulse and yap.TV CMS, which will allow companies to offer second screen experiences synched to any TV show.

"A number of TV networks have expressed the need for a cost-effective way to provide synchronized content for their fans," said Trevor Stout, CEO, "But, equally as important, networks have expressed the desire to easily manage the content in those experiences, in real-time. Our yap.TV Live Pulse feature and CMS solves both."

The yap.TV CMS enables content producers and networks to select any show on any network and add additional content synched the content while viewers are watching the show live or on TV. Partners working with yap.TV can upload a video for audio fingerprinting, and assign enhanced content to synch with the first airing of a show or DVR playback.

Live Pulse experiences have recently debuted on Q'Viva!, a reality show produced by Simon Fuller, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Jamie King.