NAB: VDS Introduces Sentinel Cloud

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VDS has announced a new cloud-based software solution that is designed to help advertisers manage second screen and cross platform buys.  

As broadcasters move from traditional over-the-air delivery to online streams, advertisers need to find programming breaks and tailor messages specifically for online audiences, the company notes.

Sentinel Cloud automates this process by integrating critical program data – such as schedules, content and ad IDs, start times and durations – with metadata to help advertisers improve these multiplatform campaigns.  

"Sentinel Cloud is the first software solution that bridges the data gap between the legacy broadcast and cable infrastructure and the new Internet infrastructure and systems," said Larry Mincer, president of VDS in a statement. "By providing accurate and continuous look-ahead into the broadcast day, streaming media platforms, social media networks and digital ad systems can provide value-add like never before while benefitting agencies and broadcasters via synchronized, multi-platform ad placement. Sentinel Cloud is technology that empowers advertisers to combine the reach of TV ads and the depth of digital ads."

As part of that process, the system ensures that digital ads are synched with TV placements.

It also uses the data for online social networks to cue social media messages, which can be timed to the broadcast of specific programs, promos or commercial spots.

It also offers tools for optimizing digital ad campaigns and technologies to help programmers manage their relationships with affiliates and other partners.