NAB: TVU Launches New IP Newsgathering Systems

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Mobile newsgathering technology provider TVU Networks is launching two new IP video transmission systems.

These include TVU One, which the company is calling its next-generation flagship transmission solution. It highlights the rapid improvement of IP newsgathering technologies by providing the same transmission resiliency and performance, video picture quality and sub-second latency of a full-size TVUPack transmitter, but is 90% smaller and weighs only 1.55 pounds.

In addition, TVU has partnered with drone manufacturer DJI to introduce what the two companies are calling the world's first aerial newsgathering pack for live drone transmission.

The solution combines DJI’s Inspire 1 drone with TVU’s recently introduced TVU One IP video transmitter to deliver a fully-integrated live transmission solution.

“As mobile IP newsgathering has become the norm, broadcasters demand that the transmission equipment become smaller and lighter without sacrificing performance or video quality,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks in a statement. “With TVU One, the television broadcast industry no longer has to sacrifice performance for size.”

Shen also noted that “by combining the best available drone technology with TVU’s proven, leading IP video transmission solutions, we are once again opening new possibilities for how broadcasters can deliver innovative live video to viewers from more locations than ever before.”