NAB: Stream TV to Demo Glasses-Free 3D

Stream TV Networks is working with SGO to show new Ultra-D glasses-free 3D technology at the SGO booth during the 2014 NAB Show. It will be the first time that glasses-free 3D screens will be on display at the show, the companies say.

The NAB showcase also marks the start of Stream TV’s relationship with SGO, which offers a number of services for 3D post-production.

“As we head into mass production and begin building a global consumer base, the demand for native and optimized Ultra-D content will grow,” said Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks. “NAB is the perfect place to introduce Ultra-D to the broadcast community, and with their reputation for innovation and excellence, SGO is the perfect partner for showcasing our technology.”

The demo will provide viewers with an adjustable 140-degree viewing experience without “sweet” or “dead” spots. Ultra-D screens are expected to begin shipping later this year through several of Stream TV’s global brand partners.