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NAB: Snell to Demo IP Streaming Interfaces

Complete Coverage:NAB Show 2013

During NAB, Snell will be demoing transfers of video using
real-time IP links for the company's Kahuna 360 production switcher, IQ Modular
range, and Sirius 800 Advanced Hybrid Processing router.

The demo highlights the growing demand for IP-based

"Traditionally, media enterprises have used digital
switched networks to transfer compressed and uncompressed video and audio for
both contribution and distribution applications," said Paola Hobson, senior
product manager at Snell, in a statement. "This is changing as
organizations begin to turn to real-time IP links for both external and
internal signal transfer. In addition to better integration with file-based
workflows and IP distribution infrastructures, this new transfer paradigm
offers significant opportunities for cost savings in which broadcast-specific
cabling and distribution equipment can be replaced by lower-cost standard IT

Hobson added that many customers are taking "a phased
approach to implementing all-IP workflows, and that they will need to manage
both SDI and IP interfaces for a period of time. By creating IP interfaces for
our modular, routing, and production switching equipment, Snell offers
broadcast and media organizations a convenient way to manage a hybrid SDI-IP

At the 2013 NAB Show, Snell's demo will show how
IP links can be used to transfer content in real time over an MPEG-2 transport
stream. Starting out as a 1080 59p feed from the Kahuna 360 multi-format
production switcher, the content is encoded into a 200 Mbps video stream using
the AVC-Intra 100 video codec. The signal is then passed via a Snell IQGBE80
Ethernet switch to Snell IQ modules that provide IP-to-SDI decoding,
down-conversion to 1080 59i to feed a video monitor, an IQ module for logo
insertion, and encoding back to SDI for transfer to the Sirius 800 router.