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NAB: Ross Video Reports Record Growth

Complete NAB 2011 Coverage

Ross Video used its first ever NAB press conference to announce a number of enhancements to its products and to highlight the company's growth, both in revenues and the range of its products, despite a difficult economic climate in recent years.

While Ross has been long known for its production switchers, David Ross, the company's CEO and majority owner, stressed that the company has seen dramatic growth in both its product lines and its revenues over the last 20 years.

"When I joined in 1991, we had 25 employees," noted Ross. "Today, we have 383 employees and [each year for the last 20 years] we've had record sales, even throughout the recession."

A key part of that success, Ross noted, has been the fact that the company reinvests 25% of its revenues each year in research. This growth has also been entirely self-funded without relying on private equity or outside funding that might have produced a more short term outlook.

New products and alliances included the introduction of the Carbonite mid-sized switcher; a new openGear Nielsen Watermarks Encoder; audio loudness processing using Linear Acoustic AEROMAX technology; a collaboration with NVerzion to package the Ross SoftMetal Video Servers with NVerzion's Master Control Automation; and additions to several product lines.

The number of partners in its openGear platform, which now has over 25 partners, continues to grow, with Census Digital, a developer of products for audio and video signal management that is based in Toronto, Canada, becoming the most recent company to join the platform.  

The company also announced the sale of the Ross Video OverDrive Automated Production Control system with Vision 4 Production Switcher to United Daily News, a broadcaster based in Taipei, Taiwan that will use the products for its two news studios.