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NAB: RadiantGrid Expands Quality Analysis Capabilities

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Radiant Grid Technologies is expanding its quality analysis capabilities to include leading software developers Integra Systems, Manzanita Systems, and Met glue. These additions will provide Radiant Grid users with additional options to quality control checks while processing content within the Radiant Grid Platform.

The move is designed to streamline the quality control process and making it much easier to quarantine and correct issues across the entire spectrum of video, audio and ancillary data.

Each software option is offered as a separate plug-in and handles different types of quality control functions.

The Integra System's Baton quality control processes will give users access to format, audio and video quality checks for any content, at any stage of the content lifecycle.

Metaglue's MXFixer will provide a way for users to monitor associated metadata of their MXF files.

Manzanita CrossCheck provides a solution for verifying transport stream files in such environments such as VOD and advertisement insertion.