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NAB: Qameo to Debut eScript in Vegas

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In another example of how iPads are becoming an increasingly important operational tool in newsrooms, Qameo will launch its eScript system at NAB that delivers electronic versions of news scripts to anchors and field reporters via the iPad.

The system was initially developed by Qameo Inc. president and founder, Barry Quiat, for NBC's owned and operated stations.

Quiat, who has extensive experience in automation and software technologies, has integrated the eScript system directly into the major newsroom systems from Avid and others that are widely deployed in stations. This allows the electronic scripts to be automatically delivered to iPads as part of the station's regular workflows as the scripts are produced, updated and revised.

"The moment a producer makes a change to the copy or running order, it's in the reporter's hand," he noted. "This is a huge improvement over what happens on most newscasts today, when production assistants have to print out paper copies and carry them to the anchor desk, disrupting studio operations."

It also allows reporters in the field who wouldn't normally have easy access to scripts or updates to access them remotely with their iPads.

The system has been deployed five NBC stations, with another five to follow later this year, Quiat notes. "It's been on NBC for months with great success," he says.

The eScript system is not intended to replace teleprompters and works with them keeping anchors up to date with the changes that regularly occur during a newscast, Quiat notes.

Quiat also says that studio lights have not proved to be problem with the iPad screens. "Frankly, we anticipated that this would be an issue," he notes, adding that they had been planning to add anti-glare covers to the screens. "But it has not been a problem."