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NAB: PBS Selects Qualis for Loudness

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PBS has deployed the Sentinel Surround Sound Audio Monitor from Qualis Audio in its media operations center to measure and manage the loudness of 5.1 surround sound of its content.

While PBS is not currently required by the CALM Act to meet loudness requirements because it does not run commercials, it still monitors loudness in accordance with the ITU1770-1 standard. As part of that effort PBS's media operations center in Arlington, Va., receives, evaluates and prepares all programming content scheduled to air on member stations and the deployment of the Sentinel has significantly streamlined the center's workflow for meeting PBS' loudness and quality control standards.

"We make sure to evaluate every program that comes in and reject anything that does not meet our loudness guidelines," noted Steve Scheel, senior director, Media Operations Center, for PBS in a statement. "PBS distributes a large number of programs in surround sound and is very aware of the differences in loudness in 5.1 surround as opposed to stereo downmixes, so we are very keen to solve the problem upstream when we can. Having the Sentinel at the media operations center has allowed us to meet our criteria on a variety of program materials and audio formats."