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NAB: NetApp Debuts Big Data Solutions

Complete Coverage: 2012 NAB Show

With media and entertainment companies facing increasing challenges in the management of media libraries and more complex workflows in an HD, multiplatform world, NetApp will be demonstrating several big data solutions that are designed to improve workflow efficiencies, manage huge media libraries, and rapidly analyze viewer trends in ways that can expand their businesses.

Jason Danielson, media and entertainment vertical marketing at NetApp noted in an interview that the company has long been known for its storage and data management solutions used by major corporations, including a number of large media and entertainment companies, to handle huge repositories of data and information.

But a lot of their big data solutions for managing large libraries and complex workflows have also been widely deployed in content creation and production in recent years.

To build on that business, the company wanted to make a major promotional push at NAB to both highlight its existing solutions and showcase some new offerings.

"During the 2012 NAB show, the industry will get to see an expanded set of big data solution offerings from NetApp, forever changing how many of these companies view us in the market," Danielson noted. "By delivering more bandwidth for real-time workflows, greater media management support for global libraries, and a strong ecosystem for viewer and subscriber analytics, our customers will be able to take advantage of the global scale and reach of NetApp to solve more of their big media challenges."

The first solution, the NetApp FAS Data ONTAP software product, is designed to provide customers with a real-time data analytics and help them use that data on consumer usage to strengthen and expand their businesses.

The company will also be showcasing the the NetApp Media Content Management (MCM) solution, based on the new E-Series storage system that offers a very high-bandwidth and capacity-dense storage solution.

In addition, it will be highlighting the NetApp StorageGRID solution that is also based on the E-Series storage system. This solution is designed to handle "an enterprise-grade object store that supports billions of objects," and many archival repositories, Danielson noted.