NAB: Mushroom Launches Teleporter

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Mushroom Networks, is launching a live HD video streaming product, Teleporter, that is capable of streaming high-quality and low-latency video suitable for television broadcasting over cellular networks.

"Teleporter is the technological answer broadcasters have been waiting for," stated Dr. Cahit Akin, co-founder and CEO of Mushroom Networks in a statement. "With its ability to beam live HD video back to the newsroom, or even directly to a website, they can bypass the need for expensive satellite or microwave uplinks and cumbersome news trucks."

The company is billing the product as capable of delivering higher quality video than other existing cellular delivered video. By using multiple cellular data cards from a combination of carriers and bonding the full bandwidth of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint together to transmit live HD streams, the company believes it has come up with a technique that is far superior to load-balancing or other like solutions which can have high delays, high latency or limited bandwidth.

The solution also uses what the company is calling Network Calculus, a new quantitative framework for describing quality of service (QoS) in packet switched networks. This technology significantly lowers packet latency to the point where transmission of high-quality video over cellular broadband is feasible for interactive applications even while travelling in a car.

"By coupling our core Broadband Bonding technology with Network Calculus modeling we are able to effectively use statistics to smash the barrier of unpredictable behavior associated with cellular service to guarantee a certain level of quality necessary for transmitting HD video with extremely low latency," said Mushroom Networks' founder and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Rene Cruz, in a statement.