NAB: Kaltura Offers Open Source Android Video Library

During NAB, video technology provider Kaltura launched what the company is calling the industry’s first open source video library for HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) playback on Android devices.

“Market fragmentation has meant that smooth Android HLS playback has been fraught with challenges,” said Ron Yekutiel, chairman and CEO of Kaltura in a statement, noting that the fragmented nature of the Android ecosystem has made it difficult to ensure reliable, smooth HLS video delivery.

To overcome those problem, the new video library is designed to streamline and simplify video playback on any Android device by ensuring a consistent experience using HLS features across a broad range of Android devices and platforms.

“Just as we did with HTML5, VP8, MPEG-DASH and others, Kaltura continues to democratize video and ensure that our customers need not worry about the complexities of delivering video across any device,” he noted. “As the first company to deliver a dedicated open source HLS library for Android, we are helping to bring parity with Apple to the Android developer and user communities for live streaming.”

The new open source Android and Flash HLS components are also fully integrated into the Kaltura Video Player Toolkit the company reports.