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NAB: Intelsat Demos 4K, Multiscreen Distribution

Intelsat has joined forces with iStreamPlanet, Newtec, and PSSI Global Services to demo the delivery of 4K content with HEVC compression via satellite and the Internet during the 2015 NAB Show. The demos can be seen at the Intelsat booth.

For the demos, Intelsat is introducing its IntelsatOne Prism services, which will allow customers to convert a legacy satellite-based network to a next generation, automated, hybrid, converged IP network.

In a statement, Peter Ostapiuk, head of media product management at Intelsat said that “in order for 4K UHDTV to gain widespread adoption, media programmers need high quality content and the ability to distribute that content across multiple devices in a simple and cost efficient manner. Intelsat and its technical solutions partners will demonstrate that with IntelsatOne Prism services -- which are based on the Newtec Dialog platform combined with HEVC compression technology, PSSI’s mobile production and transmission facilities and iStreamPlanet’s live, multiscreen media processing -- we can deliver an immersive viewing experience from any geographical location to any media channel and any device. In addition, IntelsatOne Prism provides media customers what they need the most, the ability to manage multiple types of video content delivery and other IP applications through a single platform so they can optimize their bandwidth usage and streamline their operations.”

During the demo, the 4K UHDTV content provided by Discovery Communications will be transmitted from PSSI’s production vehicle located in Las Vegas. Using a playout server, a reference UHD HEVC Encoder and Newtec MDM6000 Satellite modem, the video feed will be uplinked in Ku-band to Galaxy 17 at 25 Mbps in a DVB-S2X modulated stream. Then, the 4:2:2, 10-bit 4K UHDTV signal at 60 frames per second stream will be downlinked and fed to the 4K UHDTV monitor in the Intelsat booth.