NAB: Grass Valley Launches New LDX 4K Camera

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In a year where vendors are pushing to offer better 4K tools for live production, Grass Valley has made a notable advance in that area with its new LDX 4K/6X HD switchable camera.

The camera is part of a live production system that includes the LDX 86 Universe and the K2 Dyno Universe Replay System.

Grass Valley is billing the system as a “first-of-its-kind system brings 4K and extreme-speed storytelling into the mainstream.”

In the last year, Grass Valley’s LDX cameras with high frame rate capabilities have already made quite a splash in the live sports production business by offering producers a camera that can offer both live HD feeds and high frame rates for slow motion replays.

Because the camera can be used both for regular feeds and slow motions and because it easily fits into regular production workflows, producers have been adding more of the high frame rate cameras to their game coverage.

The new camera and system brings those advantages into the 4K world by enabling any camera or replay position to be set up for regular HD, 4K or extreme-speed acquisition/replay without requiring new positions for cameras.

“Grass Valley is proud to be able to present this level of innovation that helps our customers tell better stories,” said Mike Cronk, senior VP of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “The combination of our LDX 86 Universe/K2 Dyno Universe provides unprecedented levels of creative freedom without requiring enormous additional costs. What once was considered technology only for 'specialty' positions, can now be applied to standard replay and camera chains. With the combination of LDX Universe and K2 Dyno Universe, HD camera and replay positions can now become extreme-speed or even 4K positions with access to any shot, from any angle during any production.”