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NAB: Grass Valley Launches GV Director Switcher

Grass Valley has announced some of the new products it will show
at NAB this year between April 8 and 11 in Las Vegas. These include the new GV
Director Integrated Nonlinear Live Production Center that is designed to
simplify the production and delivery of content to multiple platforms.

The switcher is targeted to a variety of production
environments, including houses of worship, education, image magnification
(IMAG) applications, fixed venues, production studios and trucks.

"GV Director is a new approach to live production; by
simplifying the processes -- from set-up, to building a show and driving the
live production, we have abstracted the complex technology layer, enabling
operators to have control of all the components and become more creative," said
Graham Sharp, senior VP and chief marketing officer for Grass Valley. "GV
Director is a game changer and will get Grass Valley back into the low and mid
markets with a paradigm shifting product."

GV Director is expected to ship at the end of June 2013,
with pricing starting at $35,000 for an eight inputs/four outputs system.

Separately, the vendor also announced that it will be
unveiling the LDX Flex studio camera system and the XCU WorldCam eXchangeable
Camera Control Unit at NAB.

The XCU will serve as the core design for all
future Grass Valley base stations.