NAB: Fujifilm Launches New Lenses

Fujifilm North America Corporation has announced two new lenses from its Optical Devices Division that it will be showing at NAB this year. They are the Premier PL 14-35mm Cabrio wide-angle lens and the XA55x9.5 HDTV Telephoto Box Style lens.

The new XA55x9.5 telephoto zoom is designed for large venues that require tight shots from long distances, such as for sports, concerts and any live events. This zoom "fills a sweet spot in our line of 2/3" studio/field lenses,” explained Thom Calabro, director of marketing and product development for the Optical Division of Fujifilm in a statement. "With a focal length from 9.5 to 535mm [or 19.0 to 1050mm with a 2x extender], it captures tight shots from long distances even in the most challenging environments." 

Calabro added that the new 14-35mm Cabrio was designed to be lightweight and comfortable to use with "today's smaller 4K cameras" and that it is ideal as "a lightweight zoom that can be used as a handheld and capture wide angles in tight spaces." 

Both the PL 14-35mm wide-angle zoom and the XA55x are already available.