NAB: Front Porch Digital Expands Cloud Service to Canada

Content storage management provider Front Porch Digital has announced that it has expanded its LYNXSM cloud-based storage platform into Canada with the launch of a new private LYNX superhub located in Ontario.

The Ontario facility has multiple backbone connections to all of the country's major production centers including Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.

The company is billing the launch as “the first object-based, big-data private cloud storage service based in Canada.”

"We have had a very long and successful presence in Canada, with more than 25 of our DIVArchive CSM systems currently storing and protecting close to 30 PB of content, and installations at every major media organization,” said Brian Campanotti, chief technology officer at Front Porch Digital in a statement. “In addition to serving the special requirements of the Canadian market, this new LYNX superhub is attractive to our U.S. and Mexico customers looking to add geopolitical diversity to their SLA offerings. LYNX has been very successful in other regions including the U.S. and EU, and we are excited to extend the reach of our cloud services into Canada."