NAB: Elemental Outlines Work With MobiTV

In its NAB press conference, Elemental Technologies highlighted the traction it was getting in the market by providing a long list of major customers and outlined its vision of the future based on software defined video encoding.

In one major customer announcement, Elemental noted that MobiTV, a major provider of services for the delivery of live and on-demand TV Everywhere, is using Elemental video processing solutions to support its cloud-based video delivery platform.

During the press conference Elemental also highlighted its work with HBO, BBC and Comcast and listed a large number of other major clients, including ABC, Viacom, National Geographic, TF1 in France, Warner Bros. and NHK in France.

Sam Blackman, CEO and co-founder for Elemental, stressed that rapidly changing consumer tastes were forcing companies to change the way they approached their encoding operations so that they could handle the distribution of content to hundreds or even thousands of different devices. The difficulties of doing this with traditional approaches was, he argued, boosting demand for software defined solutions.

That sea-change has helped the Portland Oregon start-up attract more than 400 customers and a growing number of partners for its technology, Blackman noted.

One notable new partner is Ericsson, which will integrate Elemental’s video processing software into the recently announced Ericsson Virtualized Encoding solution.