NAB: DAS Launches New Audio Management System

As broadcasters continue to look for technologies to handle existing and upcoming FCC rules relating to the 21st Century CVAA act, Digital Alert Systems (DAS) has announced that it will be showing its new Digital Alert Systems Audio Management System (DAS AMS) at the 2015 NAB Show.

In a statement, Bill Robertson, VP of business development at DAS noted that the product offers a complete “solution for addressing the FCC requirements stemming from the 21st Century CVAA. By leveraging functionality from our acclaimed MultiPlayer solution along with innovative software tools from our DASDEC EAS systems, we've crafted the DAS AMS into a powerful and economical means to aggregate emergency information and provide audio playout, switching, and signaling on multiple channels. We've also made it simple, enabling users to manage compliance with just one system rather than using a variety of boxes."

Among other things, the technology addresses the upcoming May 26 FCC rules that require television stations to provide an audio description on the SAP channel of weather alerts, school closings and other emergency information in text crawls that are not on actual newscasts.

Broadcasters also must insert an "attention" signal or tone on the main channel to indicate that emergency audio is available on the secondary channel.